Thursday, February 9, 2012

Same Old Thang...


Yep, I've been M.I.A... and if you read this blog,that usually means that I've fallen off the wagon, have some sob story, and am starting tomorrow.  But not today.

In fact, I started my journey a couple of weeks ago, and I am feeling soooo good.  Alive.  Well. On my way.:)

I'm working out, eating right, and making changes.  Right now, I am exhausted.  My son was up most of the night with a cough- and after visiting the doctor- they feel it may be astma induced.  I've been on the go all day doing for others- driving here, driving there, running errands, visiting my grandfather, watching my friend's son afterschool for a couple days while she's out of town, and usually I'd be knee deep digging into a bag of chips or acting like I'm making brownies for the kids when in actuality I want some raw batter.  But not today...

I'm using these few minutes to let ya know I'm staying out of the kitchen, and am about to get these chitlin's in the car to make a fool out of myself... I mean try a new cardio kickboxing class.  :)

Maybe M.I.A. can now be a good thing on this blog...  Bikni or bust.:)

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  1. Hey there! Are you going to be at the Patriot Center tomorrow? If so, look forward to seeing you!