Sunday, February 12, 2012

Why I Love Boxing

Everyone needs a hobby.  And perhaps, that is why I'm writing what feels like a fourth grade essay at two in the morning... because I feel like I've found mine.  Two words:  Tori Nelson.  I've been on the Tori Train for a long time now... and I will write anyone and anything that will listen- in the hopes that she gains more fans- and hopefully one day a full-fledged sponsor.  Trust me- People are going to be coming out of the woodwork- She's going to have cousins she never even knew about- but it's all good.  Tori is following her calling and giving us all something to believe in.

To know Tori is to know family.  To know family is to know the wonderful sport of boxing.  Don't think it's for you?  Think again- because who would have thought that this middle-aged stay at home mama would be requesting tickets to fight night as her Valentine's Day present over champagne and roses.  Spend an evening at a hometown event and you'll soon know why boxing brings in the Benjamin's and you too might be throwing the next pay-per-view party at your Casa.


What's the best part of a hockey game?  Duh- when a crazy beat 'em up fight breaks out.  What makes sportscenter every time?  When the benches clear or the batter attacks the pitcher... or anything with a fight.  So what's not to love about a sport where the word fight is taken to a whole different level- where skill, tactic, power, speed, and character are all showcased in a ring with rules and regs? 

The Roar of the Sunday Crowd

Picture Nascar without the flannels.  Boxing fans are just as loyal and die-hard as any- Sometimes even forming a cult-like following.  Just like any sport, fans can provide home-court advantage and sway a match.  But unlike other major sports where athletes and organizations act like fans don't mean a thing, boxing fans are often treated like family.  Politics and talent go a long way in this sport- but so does a fan base meaning many boxers follow the good 'ole Golden Rule- doing unto others and making themselves accessible.  Often, fans are just as important to the boxer as the boxer is to the fan.

T. N. A.

Let's just be real.  Ring girls are a part of boxing.  Every man loves a little t-n-a, and every woman likes to look at the chicks, pick out their flaws, and make snide comments about how, "I hope my daughter never does that," and "Her parents must be really proud," when we know deep down inside if we looked half as good as these youngin's we'd be swaying our hips holding a round card in a hot second.  Just stating the truth.

There is no "I" in Team

Spend a night experiencing boxing culture and you'll soon find a love for the game.  You'll quickly see how it's not about the boxer, but more about the essence of family coming together.  Boxers have trainers, cornermen, promoters, and the list goes on and on.  Watch closely and you'll see a love story play out before your very eyes where people come together and give themselves for that one person to shine.  The more you watch, the more intriguing it is. Boxing truly is a team sport.

Good Music, Good Drinks, Good Company, Good Times

Fight Night consists of all of the above.  You can't help but bop to the music and find your inner soul.  You can't help but get wasted on the overpriced booze- or better yet stay sober and watch the drunkenness.  And you can't beat some of the best entertainment around.

Trust me.  Attending a local boxing match is a bucket list must.  In case ya missed tonight's card, here's a little review from a mom with no boxing knowledge whatsoever who calls it like she sees it:

Womack v. Andrews- Not sure who was who... Just know the ref got it right and the right guy won.  And whoever nicknamed him "Scarecrow"  should copyright that shiznit.  Couldn't fit him any better.

Mobley v. Benson- First thought- Dude these guys are big.  After that, all thoughts went away. Would have loved to see one of these heavyweights demonstrate how the bigger they are the harder they fall but not much happened. Snoozefest.

Jones v. Yorgey- Another "I'm just not into this one" fight.  But huge shoutout to the LA Boxing guy.  Poke fun all you want- but LA Boxing not only can help ya drop the pounds, but it is producing some of the areas best fighters and I'm proud to say that this is gym is what made me first fall in love with boxing.

Wilson v. Basora-  Loved the bagpipes- got me interested in the fight.  Well, that and the parade of Leprechauns walking to the ring.  Wilson is the real deal- and he's the one to watch. Respectable, energetic fans made me want to get in on the action.  Let's just say he reminds me of Cujo, and I'm now a bona-fide fan.  This man is going places- and every single person in attendance that was there to support him gave Tori some love...  I think it's a marketing match- TNT is dynamite.  Todd and Tori!

Random Rant- According to the program, Wilson should have been before the Jones fight.  In the future, I'd appreciate if they would stick to this.  Wilson and Nelson are to much alike and Tori Wilson sometimes comes right out.  This is boxing not wrestling.  Thanks.

Nelson v. Living-  Hell to the yeah... There is life to this arena afterall!!! Hands down this is the fight of the night! The girls know how to put on a show- and it's not by dancing and prancing around like some of the men- it's by fighting!!!  Let me say- Lady V- You did your thing- and you appear really marketable- keep on truckin' girl.  I also read that you were trying to work on your cardio and last the ten rounds because you had faded in your last bout.  A+ on that Honey Boo Boo.  In the end though... my girl Tori had it all the way.  She's a beast.  She gets in the zone and I don't care how hard you pound on her, she won't feel it.  She will not give up or go down. Add that bling- she earned another belt in the ring.  Woot Woot!!!

Stewart v. Wyatt-  Can't tell ya much... Either this was the most boring fight ever or I was just still coming down from the high of Tori winning.  Maybe a little of both.

Lange v. Galvan- O.k... Let me just say that Lange was clearly the better fighter- He looked in shape, his arm had twice the span of his opponent and he was fast.  With that being said, I almost felt as though I was being punked.  Either that or I was at a WWF match and these dudes were putting on a show for entertainment purposes.  At least I got my money's worth- when Galvan tried to grind on a ring girl, I about died.  He taunted Lange, displayed some crazy antics- that I feel were just his way of stalling just so he didn't get his arse kicked. Throughout the nonsense, Lange remained quite the professional.  Speaking of money though, one thing Lange is doing right is raising the most adorable, cute, and truly polite little boy.  I met him- all decked out in a tailored suit.  Let's just say entrepreneurship must run in the family.  Little man was taking shirts that they were giving away for free (too bad I didn't know this) and scalping them for five bucks.  I prefer to say it was a delivery fee- I didn't have to walk down to the concourse to claim mine... Suckered.  But in this day in age a kid that is able to schmooze and work hard all while having manners and charming fans is a winner in my book.  Must run in the family.  Mama and Daddy- Keep winning out of the ring at home too.:)

My favorite part of the night was Lange's entrance.  He can bring the house down with the lights, confetti, shiny robe, and it was very fitting that he came out to the lyrics "I go to extremes." Pretty Boy- Hollywood is calling your name. But... I think he better keep on going to extremes, because tonight folks, It was the house that Tori built.  She "Sho Nuff"  stole the show and she built it by just being herself.  No smoke and mirrors were needed.

And after seven rounds, the snow started coming, our funds for the babysitter had been maxed out, and it was easy to walk away from this fight because I got what I came for.  Another W for my girl Tori.   Now for the love of God, will someone besides Gary "Digital" Williams (Mr. W~ I know that I pestered you, but I also know that you were Team Tori all along- keep the support coming- It is so appreciated.:)) recognize this!

*And for those wondering why we were chanting 3-2-5 for Tori... That's the bus number she drives.  No shame in her game- I enjoyed my night with these wonderful peeps- LoCo's finest.:)  Keep their benefits- Reason #390- We have a fighter to protect!!!


  1. Hey there! Wish I could have seen you last night! Check out my interview with Tori from last night! It's on the blog now. Take care and talk soon!

  2. What a great blog. I was at the fight too...and couldnt be more proud of Tori. It was a great nite for her. Thanks for the LoCo kudos....

  3. What a great blog. I was at the fight too...and couldnt be more proud of Tori. It was a great nite for her. Thanks for the LoCo kudos....

  4. Awesome take on the fights! Your right our girl was the best of the night. Keep up the bloggin!