Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yesterday was Valentine's Day... a wonderful holiday when your hubby is in town.  When he's halfway across the country for work- yeah, not so much.  I mean Chinese with the kids was great since they are the loves of my lives... but when a drink is spilled, one child has to take a deuce in the middle of dinner, and everyone around you looks at you with pity, it's just not what you have in mind for Sweetheart's Day.

Valentine's is also one month from my birthday... so this month I'm working on the best birthday gift ever.  It's one that money can't buy and the only person that is able to give it to me is myself.  See- I do want more in life than just material things.:) My goal is to lose ten pounds this month.  T-E-N.

179- What I weighed the day I gave birth to both children.  Yep, same weight, on the  money with both chitlins.

182- What I weighed when I stepped on the scale when I returned from New Orleans after a week of surviving off of beer, bread, booze, and beignets.  Yep, and that number my friends is without a baby in my belly.  Horrible.

175.4- What I weighed this morning- Naked and after an almost orgasmic pee.  It's a long way from where I want to be, but at least I'm seeing progress.  Heck- only 6.4 more pounds and I'll weigh what I weighed when I left the hospital with the kids.  O.k... that wasn't motivation at all.

165- What I'll weigh on March 14th... or less.:)

Why am I posting this?  Well, I'm about to start my mission with my neighbor Kelli.  I'm such a good friend- I just totally called her out.  Kel- be glad I didn't post your picture from facebook and really throw ya under the bus.  We're on a mission- especially since she reminded me yesterday that spring break is just six weeks away.  Yeah, thanks for that... on Valentine's Day.  Ugh.

It's all good- I have safety in numbers... I mean strength in numbers.:)  Measurements coming soon. 

Body by Vi shake and workout with the trainer this morning, cardio with Kel at the gym tonight...

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  1. I'm so ready! And I may let you post the before & after pics IF we are successful. So get ready...tonight after the gym we are taking the before pics. Yep...all sweaty & nasty...that way our AFTER pics will look that much better! Ha! When this is done you'll have to change the name of your blog to "Smokin' HOT Momma"....just saying.
    Here's to decent stomach's by spring break!