Thursday, February 16, 2012

Promoting Good Hygiene

When ya slide into first and ya feel something burst... diarrhea...

Yep, ya know ya have diarrhea of the mouth when you meet your friend at the gym and she lets ya know that she applied extra deodorant and gargled with mouthwash right before working out... just to make sure she didn't give me any ammo to blog...  Now let's just hope she doesn't keep her thoughts to herself next time, because that sure gave me a giggle.:)

While I wish it was a nice cold one, tonight- kicboxing is on tap instead- but I'm looking forward to it!

The hubs called to say he's coming home early tonight and bringing Giordanos Pizza from Chicago.  Now I just have to have willpower not to down a whole pie.  Did I mention that dieting sucks? If not... DIETING SUCKS!


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