Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Learning As You Go...

Sometimes you take useless little bits of knowledge for granted- like when I went to the tri clinic and they said one of the pieces of equipment you should get is sunglasses...  I didn't think I'd need them... That is until I rode my bike and was passed by a huge dump truck throwing up leaves and dust.  Yep, I need the sunglasses.

Or today, when I had breakfast with a friend and had made time in my day to swim... I had it all planned out- I had actually woken up early and done my hair and gotten all purrty... so I thought to myself, I'll just swing by the gym, take off my eye make-up, do my swim, and then re-do my make-up and be on my merry way.  I took my son's swim cap and felt like quite the pro... That is until I realized my daughter's youth size pink goggles just weren't going to cut it... 

Anyhoo, I got my swim on, ran to the locker room, did my make-up, got dressed, and then peeled off my handy, dandy swim cap thinking I'd have my hair that I spent precious time on this morning done and ready to go... Ummmmm... NOT!

Just in case you don't know either... swim caps do NOT keep your hair dry.  My hair was drenched and I had 5 minutes to get to the day care to get my daughter before it closed.  Good bye curled locks... Hello teenager side braid.  

Live and learn, right?  I have a lot to learn... and I'm looking forward to it.:)

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