Thursday, April 26, 2012

Where, Oh Where Did I Go?

Here's the cliff notes:

-Hubby was on a trip for two weeks

-Mama caught pneumonia

-Mama thought she was dying

-Mama continued to workout despite her own Mama's warning that people die from pneumonia

-Mama is on the mend- went back for a check-up and the doc said I was improving

-Mama is still "into" this triathlon thing... maybe now more than ever

-Mama is running a 5k this Saturday- Looking forward to it but dreading seeing people after the race- Picture a woman with a weak bladder coupled with a barking cough and ya got one big case of wet pants- talk about major swamp ass... 

-Mama got swim lessons from the Hubz- who just happens to be an All-American swimmer- He says I no longer look like I'm drowning

-Mama plans to use this blog as an on-line diary, journal for the next 2 months until the tri

-Please don't hate me if you continue to read... I'm sure some days won't be pretty.

-Mama's beat and going to bed. 


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