Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Solemn Vow

I'm laying in bed tonight coughing from allergies, tired as can be, and yet I stare at my two babies and thank the good Lord for all that he has given to me.  Do you ever do things you know you shouldn't do?  I do lots of them... Ya know like have a bowl of Captain Crunch at ten at night.  Or skip brushing my teeth and washing my face before bed.  Or if ya wanna really go there, Well, I won't- I'll spare ya talking about my hoo-hah or orangutan tittays tonight.

People probably think I live on Facebook or the internet.  Well, while I don't really live there, I'll admit, I'm on it a LOT during the day.  I have an I-phone and whenever I'm bored, waiting for the kids, watching a practice, etc., I find myself using it to pass the time.  I guess I'm just bored, waiting for the kids, or watching a practice or activity every day.  Yep, confirmed. Let me be honest- preschool pick-up, an hour at gymnastics, an hour at swim team, an hour and a half at baseball- and there ya have it- I know what everyone is up to.  Sad, but true.  I really need to buy that 50 Shades of Grey book asap.

Lately, I'll catch myself on the phone while I'm driving- or even texting on my free texting app.  I live in my car.  Maybe that's why my house stays so clean and my car is the trashmobile...  but that's another blog. 

Take Tuesday for example.  I drove to Leesburg, back to my house, back to Leesburg, to my mom's, to my son's school, to Sterling to Claude Moore for swim team, back to Leesburg for baseball practice, to Tropical Smoothie because ya can't be a Yipdeal for a ten buck dinner when the Hubz is m.i.a., and finally home for beddie bye.  And that's the norm.

I have never... and I repeat never had a close call texting or facebooking at a stop light or driving.  But I read all the time of accidents and things that happen when people text and drive.  And as I sit here with my kids, I know that I could never, ever live with myself if I did something that caused them to be hurt. And I never even want to come as close as having a close call.

Ya see, if a deer ran out in front of me, a car hit me, or God forbid something along those lines happened, I'd be able to live with myself.  But if I hurt my kids- even gave them a scratch in a fender bender because I was messing with my phone, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself.

So, Christopher and Addison, this is my solemn vow.  You are my everything.  And my phone will be put away when we are in the car from now on.  Lord help the two of you, because I'm going to have twenty questions and expect some good convo.:)   And all of ya'll beating down my door to get in touch with me, ya might just have to wait twenty minutes.  Yeah... sense the sarcasm?:)

Now, can someone please relate how the Captain Crunch or nachos at 10pm is hurting them?  It might not save their life, but it might help mine.;)

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