Thursday, May 3, 2012

52 days

52 days until tri time... 

171.4 this morning... Goal 160 by tri

I woke up feeling gloomy today. No real reason why- I'm pretty happy in life right now... It's my time of year, my kind of weather, the hubz and I are in a loving place, my kids amaze me, life is good. But- I just miss my grandma some kind of bad.

After an hour of playing on pinterest and moping in my bed... and yes even smelling my Nanny's curlers because my aunt saved them for me- and they have her hair and her smell on them- it donned on me... If I sit around feeling sad thinking sad thoughts, today I will be sad.

And if I walk downstairs thinking I'm fat and grab doritos and a coke for breakfast, I'll continue to feel fat the rest of the day- and eat fat.

But if I restart my day, weigh-in, get goal oriented, tell myself I'm getting skinny and go have an egg white on a triple fiber english muffin... my day is gonna go a lot better.

So I chose to restart.  Oh- and to attempt my first brick workout... 9 mile bike followed by 2 mile run.

Start me up baby!  :)

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