Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Tri...

Tomorrow is the day.  I've picked up my race packet, pumped my tires with air, laid out my clothes, and just had my neighbor french braid my hair.  Right now, I'm more nervous than ever...  I worked on shifting gears tonight at my Uncle's house and my chain came off my bike and I had to walk it home.  If that happens in the race, I'm dunzo.  And not to mention I look like Wendy from the fast food joint because I went with two french braids and all I can think of right now is a bacon cheeseburger.

But I'm ready.

This past month has been crazy.  I haven't had much time to blog- and if I write everything that has happened these past months, surely people would think I'm telling whoppers.

Take for instance my Daddy.  So, we go to my grandfather's funeral, and an hour after we all made it home, I called my mom to check in and see how she was holding up.  She says she's fine, but that my Dad was having a "little spell."  "What do you mean a little spell?"... I guess a spell in her book is hurting arms, and jaw and mouth with pain, burning under his chest, dizziness... "Ummmmm, Mom, he's having a heart attack.... And I don't care if he won't go to the doctor, I'm calling 9-1-1 and sending an ambulance to your house!"

Yep, my dad had a heart attack on the day of my grandfather's funeral.  Luckily, he made it to the hospital... just in time for his heart to stop and to have the ER go all Grey's Anatomy on him and use the paddles...  Fast forward through a quadruple bypass surgery and a touch and go experience with a ventilator and he's back in business.  In fact, we're the lucky ones.  Tomorrow, he'll be at my race cheering me on. 

Thank the Good Lord.

Lessons.  We all have lessons in life.  They come in different ways...  But this year has taught me more than anything that Life Is Short.   When it's our time, it's our time... and we are so blessed it wasn't Big Daddy Mike's time. 

Funny.  I blogged about him a year ago about how I wanted him to get in shape because he was a walking heart attack- and his Dad had passed away at 49 from one. 

I guess I'll get my chance now.

Live with intention people.  We've only got one shot.  Love what you do, and do what you love.

At least try... and tomorrow, Tri I will.:)