Monday, November 26, 2012

Hello, Goodbye

Be glad you're not in my house right now... because I might start crying as I write this...  Ya know- pregnancy hormones- What can I say?  And let's be honest, it's not all pregnancy hormones- For a few years, this blog has been a BIG part of my life. Huge. It started as an adventure with LA Boxing and was an experience I'll never forget- opportunities, adventures, open doors, genuine friendships, and roads that NEVER would have been traveled.
My weight went up, down, and all around- and those of you that have been readers have been there through it all.  I opened my heart, bared my soul, and wrote without any kind of filter... and enjoyed every second of it.  Here on this blog, I could just be myself- and through that, I've learned so much.
I have lost weight, gained it back, run a half marathon, completed a triathlon, tried every diet plan under the sun, and had so many "I'm starting tomorrows" that I've lost count.  For years, I put off having a baby because I wanted to lose weight before I conceived... and then one night when we "put it in God's hands", I realized he had plans and knew it was time.  And even though I'm going to have some mega weight to lose after this baby arrives, I'm okay with that.
Ya see, three years ago, when I started this blog, I wanted to be  a "Knockout Mama."  I obsessed over the scale, looked at myself as rundown, total has been, and longed for my 21 year old body and youth before babies.
But things have changed.  I'm convinced I will always struggle with body issues and I will always have a weight problem.  This Mama loves to grub and will always be an emotional eater.  But through writing, I have found myself. 
I may not ever be a knockout again.  But I now have the confidence to say that some days I still look damn good.  I can say that I love my life.  I love everything about being a Mom.  I love everything about being a middle-aged woman that stays at home with my kids.  I love everything about being the best Mom that I can be.  It doesn't bother me to wear Target clothes and to go way too long between hair appointments to be able to give my kids the best. This is my life.  Okay, okay- Maybe some of that sucks, but it's all good.  All good, I tell ya.
Yes, after a lot of thought, I've decided to end this blog.  I'll continue to write on our family blog, and if you want to follow along, please do at
I promise that there will still be posts about where my health and fitness journey takes me- Because I'm not giving up on a fab body- It might just take a while...  Anything is possible if only you believe, right?:)  There will be posts about my kids, about my home, and about my family.  And you know me... maybe even a tirade and for sure posts that lack any tact or grace.  It'll be my life.  I invite you to read along- because if you read here, you, too, have become my family.
Thanks for being there for me through it all... I'm a different person than I was three years ago... Don't you worry, I'll always be a headcase- but I've learned that I'm a headcase in progress... and when you look at it... Life is Good.:)
And lookie, lookie... I'm halfway there... almost 21 weeks and It's a GIRL!

So long, farewell
Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight
I hate to go and leave this pretty sight

So long, farewell
Auf Wiedersehen, adieu
Adieu, adieu
To you and you and you
~Shelley... aka The Knocked Up Mama:)

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