Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Live like you're dying

Last week, I made a phone call and set up an appointment at Jenny Craig. I didn't go. Then, I asked my mom for a 15 day "loan" so I could join a local "detox diet" program. She said no. Then, I told her I was joining Weight Watchers. And she looked at me and said, "Shelley, what has worked for you? So many things are gimmicks. You have to do what works for you and learn good, healthy habits."

Point taken.

I woke up at the crack of dawn on Monday, put on my hand wraps, and met a friend at Tori Nelson's boxing class. Yep, I rejoined LA Boxing... now known as UFC gym... and I'm loving it.

I'm also just trying to eat healthy. Ya know, downing a protein shake, snacking on almonds, trying to wean myself off of Diet Coke... and hating every minute of it- but not going to hard core yet- because I don't want to be a royal bitch... but I'll get there. It's true... Eat less, move more. It works.

Today I showed up and took Julius's class and loved it. Boxing makes me energized. It's fun, and one kick ass workout. Granted, I'm pretty sure Julius was worried about my life at some point- when he looked at me and told me I had to breathe and to catch my breath... as sweat was pouring off of me, I was gasping for air, and not gonna lie, a little bit of puke had made it's way up my esophagus. But yet, this was still fun.

Ya see, I want to live life. I want to wear a two piece. I want to sport cutoff jeans, cowboy boots, and call me crazy, but one year I want to go to a Halloween party and knock my hubby's socks off in a sexy costume. I want to do every day things too- Like not drive to the out of the way Harris Teeter that is always empty just because I don't want to run into someone I know when I'm not "all done up" and feeling like a cow. I don't want to have to wear spandex because my thighs are talking to each other and need lube. I don't want to feel like a slob and not take care of myself because I'm feeling down about my weight and feeling unworthy. I want to do so many things... and above all, I want to be a healthy role model for my children.

So, I'm back at it girls... I'm trying. I might die trying, but I'm trying. Ya only live once and when it's my time, I want to damn well not have been holding back because of my rolls and extra flab. Life is too short.

If ya wanna take a ride wit me... Oh I might be at the gym... and would love the company. Just sayin.':)

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