Saturday, December 19, 2009

Do you see what I see?

O.k... today is the the hardest day for me... by far! I'm dreaming of a new body, not a White Christmas! This is totally putting a damper on things.:( I want to be at the gym working out, and instead, I'm stuck at home with two kids while the hubby is away.:( I HATE the cold and I spent the earlier part of the morning outside with the kids. Bless their hearts- they were soooo excited for this snow, but after hiking to the best sledding hill and going down a couple of times, they were freezing! It took forever to make it back home and they were not happy campers. I refuse to sit around in front of the television all day. We've played toys, played pretend, played in the snow, and I'm pretty much played out. That leaves us with moon sand or making sugar cookies and anything trumps the mess moon sand makes. I just hope it's in me not to down the raw cookie dough- one of my faves. I really feel like eating today, so please send me some positive vibes to stay on track. What do you guys do when it's impossible to make it to the gym? How do you stay on track with eating when you're snowed in?

Here's a picture of the picnic table on the deck... it has almost disappeared!

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  1. aww Shelley! i don't know what you do have in your fridge, but make sure when you're baking those cookies (which i'm sure you already have) that you have some healthy snack to the side. whenever you feel like eating the dough, take a bite from a carrot or fill up on water beforehand. something like that. but remember, one cookie won't do you in.

    do some workout's via youtube!
    check out this momma who has her own channel-

    take notes and do that since you can't make it out to la boxing!

    P.S. love reading your blog(s) :)