Friday, December 18, 2009

Fat Chance

That's a picture of me working out today. I was one hot mess. My pants had a hole in the crotch, and when I looked at my t-shirt it was from when I had run the Ashburn Farm 10K... in 1996. Note to self- it's time for some new workout clothes!:) I met with my trainer, Justin, and had a personal training session. I felt for him- I had just eaten chicken out of a can because I was trying to stay on point with my diet, and I spiced it up with curry powder and raisins so my breath was kickin'. I know that sounds disgusting, but try it- it's actually pretty good! I do think that I mentioned my legs rubbing together and chafing to where they are raw somewhere in the mix... and that might have been a little tmi. I sound like the dream client don't I? Today he had me do a workout full of "complexes." I don't know what that means, but maybe you can Google it. I'll just say it was too complex for me to write out... but he promises me that after my next session, I'll have a personal training session that I can publish.:)

I've received some questions from some readers who are following my blog about how I got this "deal." First of all, I want to thank you for reading it- I'm sooooo flattered! I thought it would just be family and friends checking in! To answer your question, I really don't know. It's been a whirlwind and I'm just going with the flow. I have a family blog where I basically write about what my children are up to- I'm not crafty, so it's been my way of scrapbooking. One day, I wrote on my blog about how my son tried a free class at LA Boxing and loved it. A few days later, I got a random e-mail from a guy in California asking if I would try a week for free and blog about my experience. At first my parents and I thought he might be some creep trying to set me up, but it turned out everything was legitimate. He works for LA Boxing's social networking and marketing company. After more e-mails, the week turned into a month, and then a month turned into three months with a personal trainer. I literally feel like I have won the lottery. Now granted, my commitment also became a little larger- I'm now videotaping my workouts and sharing my story waaaay more publicly than I thought I was going to be!

Why me? I'm not quite sure. If you ask me, LA Boxing is taking a HUGE gamble without the best odds- either that or they really believe in their product. I'm just your average girl with a weight problem. I didn't just have a baby and I'm not one to drop weight fast. I have hurdles to overcome and things to deal with. It's funny how things work out. The week before this all happened, I was trying to convince my hubby that I needed to join another local gym. He wasn't going for it. We are extremely blessed as a family. I'm able to stay home, my hubby has a wonderful job, we are healthy, we have nice things, etc. But saying that, we really live within our means, and that gym membership was just not gonna happen according to my husband. A personal trainer would never be within our means,- heck, I'm skimping money from the food budget to buy all of this protein powder! My theory is it's really do or die time. If I can't make a change and lose weight when I'm given all of the resources that I dream about, then I'm pretty much screwed.

Also, as you read this, please remember that while I enjoy it, I'm not a writer, nor do I claim to be. My writing resume includes writing for my high school newspaper. Oh, and my hubby did place runner-up in the 2003 "America's Hottest Husband" contest in Redbook magazine. If you ask my mom, it had to be because of my essay (but Brendan, I think you won because of your hubba, hubba hotness:)). As you can tell, I don't always use correct grammar, my writing is full of ...'s, and I often ramble and digress.

I also wanted to throw out there that I'm not any way connected to the LA Boxing family. My brother and cousin are both members, but that's as far as my connection goes. Speaking of my brother- he read my "eye candy" blog and then informed me Seth the instructor I was referring to is only 18-19 years old. I could almost be his mother... just call me a cougar. Did I mention I digress?:)

I might have been chosen because I'm the only lady crazy enough to post my weight and put myself out there the way I'm doing. It's kind of crazy because I can do that through writing- but in person, when I'm around people I don't know, I am extremely shy. But I'm more than happy to pimp out my writing for what I'm getting! Anyways, that's pretty much how it happened and it has snowballed from there. Now it's up to me to totally revamp my lifestyle. As my trainer said today,

"Hardwork never guaranteed anything, but without it, you don't have a chance." He also gave credit to Pat Riley... but think about it. If you don't make a change and put in the effort, you will never have a chance at achieving your goals... not even a fat chance.:)

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  1. Thanks for answering some of the questions that I am sure a lot of people are wondering. You are doing a great job! Let LA Boxing know if they need another guinea pig I would be happy to work my butt off :)