Friday, December 25, 2009

The gift that keeps on giving...

One of the most awesome benefits of blogging is that I have access to my own personal trainer. Sometimes, I don't think that's so awesome- when he's busting my butt with no mercy, but those fleeting moments quickly pass.:) I would never be able to afford a personal trainer- Although I think I'm motivated enough to figure out how to work that into our budget once this gig is up.:) I totally see why it's worth it to have one.

Some people say it's worth it for the accountability alone. I could agree with that. I think twice about my actions now because they not only affect me, but my trainer as well. He's investing time into me, so I feel like I should give him my 100% effort in return. I apologize now for how I've eaten these two days, Justin. But, you did say to take Christmas off and enjoy it, right?:)

I could list a million reasons why it's worth the money... My trainer has the confidence that I can get my body back when I don't. He encourages me, keeps me motivated, and doesn't just write me off when I mess up or stray from the plan. When I work out with him, I squat lower, lift heavier, push harder, and run faster than I ever thought possible. I do things that I would never in my right mind make myself do. I drip sweat, leave stinky, and love every second of it.

Leading up to now, my workouts have been on-point. I haven't missed a class or workout yet. I have to work on my eating... and Justin says we're starting a "precision eating plan" after the holiays. Lucky me...

If you are looking for a workout, here is one that he had me do this week. Remember, I'm a beginner.:)


"Chillin' and Killin'"
20 minutes on the treadmill of literally killing me- There was no chillin'.
5 minute warm-up
15 minutes of interval training of 1 minute intervals- 1 minute was the chillin' phase and the next minute was the killin' phase
We started off where the chillin' was a light jog and the killin' was a sprint at medium incline. The speed was set at 8.0. Previously I always thought that running at 0 incline and 5.5 was hardcore.
We progressed to where the chillin' was a fast paced walk at the max incline (15) and the killin' was a full sprint at the max incline (yes, you read right, I was running at 8.0 with the incline set at 15). Everyone in the gym knew I was being killed... I was literally having an asthma attack and moaning and groaning out load like I was in labor. Totally embarassing. Thanks. Then we had a cooldown to let me regain my composure.:)

Next, we did a strength training workout:

A1: Flat DB chest press- 3 X 15 reps @ 10, 15, 15
A2: Bent over DB row- 3 X 15reps @ 10, 15, 15
A3: V-ups using my bodyweight 3 X 20 reps

*=Rest one minute

B1: DB squat press- 3 X 15reps @ 10, 10, 15
B2: Lat pulldown- 3 X 15reps @ 40lbs, 55 lbs, 55lbs
B3: Plank ALAP: 48 sec, 1:03 sec, 1:09 sec

C1: Lunge curls- 3 X 8 each leg @10 lbs
C2: DB Swings- 3 X 20 @ 15lbs

Cooldown- Stretching
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did... Ha Ha Ha!

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