Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Everything!

Today I'm taking the day off... that will make two in a row:(, but I can't think of any better way I would want to spend it than how we are right now. It's after noon and we are still in our jammies by the fire playing with all of our new toys. Ya see, in the past we get right in the car on Christmas and travel to my in-laws house for Christmas. This year, my in-laws are making the trek up here so I can continue working out starting tomorrow. So many people have been sacrificing so that I can continue on this journey. But today, I think it's most important to sit back and remember what Christmas is all about and who made the biggest sacrifice of all.

Today I will relax and celebrate with the most important people in my life- my family. They love me no matter how I look- big or small. Although, I must admit I felt wonderful last night when people were noticing my weight loss.:)

Today I will give thanks for everything we have. We are so blessed as a family and I thank God for that every day. I also thank him for giving me this opportunity to work with LA Boxing. Somehow, some way, something or someone intervened and I am being given the best Christmas gift ever- the chance to get my body back.:) Maybe next year, we'll have a family picture on the front of our Christmas card instead of just the kids. Oh wait, I didn't get to cards this year...:)

Merry Everything!

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