Monday, December 21, 2009

Girl Power

"Is this your first class with me?"

"Yes, I replied."

"Well you're in for a treat."

That's when I knew I was in trouble! After a horrible weekend, I got right back on track this morning. I took a kickboxing class with Ellen at the gym... and it was definitely a treat. When I first saw her, I automatically thought I had picked just the right class to start back with. I thought I'd be able to breeze through it- but boy was I wrong. This sweet, little, petite woman is feisty... and packed with power! There was no slacking off- She's the first instructor to refuse to let me do my "girl" push-ups on my knees... "That is not a push-up." She was big on technique, and after watching her, I realized how awesome this sport can be. Man, I'd love to see her fight! Her kicks were ridiculous, she was ripped, and for the first time, I left the class thinking I want to be powerful. I don't want to just lose weight; I want to be strong in body, mind, and spirit. Before this is all over, I want to let go of my "being a mom" identity, and be that athletic girl I once was... and rock someone.:)

Today's class also had a different music selection. We got to workout listening to Lady GaGa and other fabulous girl tracks. At one point, Britney Spears came on and I caught myself singing along to, "I'm the ring leader, I call the shots." My inner-Britney came out and I pretended the bag was Sam Lufti, and I let him have it. If you only knew some of the thoughts that go through my head when I take a class!:) It was a perfect way to start back and get motivated once again.

Tonight, I also went to another gym and did the treadmill. Since I was so awful this weekend, I figured I'd try to pull a couple two-a-days to get some extra cardio in. While I burnt some calories, I was pretty much bored out of my mind. I'm ready to be pushed, I'm ready to sweat, and I'm ready to find myself again. I've let my weight control so much of my life... I'm shy when I'm out in public, I don't want to run into people that I know, I dress frumpy and get down on myself. I'm ready to break out of that mold and take control of my body again. I think I'm back on track and well on my way. After all, everyone likes a good comeback story, right? Just call me Britney.:)

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