Monday, January 4, 2010

The "F" Word

Today, I had a training session with Justin, and I was running on the treadmill...

Me~ (Groaning) I HATE the treadmill. This is the thing I hate the most about all of this.

Justin~ Oh, really? I thought the thing you hated the most was being fat?

Gulp. Did he ever put me in my place? It worked though~ It made me want to work harder! I told my hubby about this at dinner. After dinner, my hubby made three plates of cookies- one for him and one for each of the kids. I said, "I guess I'm not getting any cookies?" He then replied, "I thought you don't want to be fat." First of all, I really wasn't going to eat the cookies, I was just giving him a hard time. Secondly, he really would never say something like that to me, but he thought he was "motivating me."

Note to all husbands: As much as you are trying to help... please don't use the "F" word to your wives. "F" words just aren't the same coming from a hubby.


  1. Too Funny! I had to read that one out loud to my Hubby!

  2. S,

    I am really proud of you. Your are working your butt off....literally. The real question is did you eat any cookies? If you didn't then I might be starting to believe you are making a real change and you know B didnt mean anything by it...He loves you! Wanted to let you know that what you are doing is awesome and we are all rooting for you!!!!


    Your favorite brother!!

  3. Goodness sakes!!!, I mean wait...I mean husbands can be so mean. 8o)