Saturday, January 2, 2010


Brrrrrrrrr... It's freezing here, and I do mean freezing. My bed was calling my name this morning. Saturday is usually my one day to sleep in as late as I can. My son has swim practice at the crack of dawn and my hubby usually makes this trip with both of our kids so I can relax- Thanks baby! This morning, I set the alarm and was up and at 'em to take Adam's 9:00am kickboxing class. I have never been this motivated to work out... I literally LOVE the classes at LA Boxing and have pretty much become addicted!

Since we were stuck inside all day, we decided my son, Chris, had played enough video games, so he and I hit the 3:15 Mommy and Me class. We both enjoyed our "date" and got another workout while having such a fun time together. He was especially excited because I bought him his own hand wraps... Maybe next time I'll spring for some gloves... but then again, I'm still using the "House Gloves". And yes, you can tell me how gross that is and make fun of me now. I deserve it!

So, I took two classes in one day, and I would seriously do it every day if I could. It was so much fun! It kind of reminded me of one of my favorite shows from a few years ago, Two-A-Days. It was a reality TV show (I told you upfront that I love reality and trash television:)) about a high school in Alabama that had one of the best football teams in the nation. When I visited my best friend in 'Bama, what was one of the first things on my list to do???...

Oh, you to Hoover High School to see the campus and take pictures. I mean, doesn't every middle-aged woman want to do that?

Word on the street is that their famous coach, Coach Propst was fired and it came out that he had a "second family" that no one knew about. I guess he had his own meaning of "Two-A-Days"! HA!

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