Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One Down, Two to Go!

One down, two to go... chins, that is!!! Unfortunately, I'm that girl that gains weight in her face- where everybody can see. I've been sportin' a triple chin and one of my greatest accomplishments so far is losing one of my chins! I made a promise that my before and after pictures will not be retouched... but I never said anything about my headshot on the side of this page. Photoshop is a wonderful program... I'm just sayin'.:) This has been a huge week for me...

Wednesday Weigh-In:
Beginning Weight~ 173
Wednesday 12/14~ 167.2
Wednesday 12/23~ 165.8
Wednesday 1/5~ 162.4

I even have proof... I was so excited I ran and got my camera. I jumped on the scale to take the picture, but the camera added weight. I couldn't have that, so I weighed in, jumped off, and snapped the picture!

It's officially one month down, and I have two more to go until my "after" pictures are taken in March. I'll still have a long way to go once my "after" pictures are taken... but for the first time in forever, I'm starting to see some changes. I no longer have to lie down on the bed to get my pants to zip... even after a wash they have that "good" feeling like they have been worn a few times! I haven't been pulling into drive-thrus like a maniac, I can stand in line at the grocery store without downing a candy bar before I've been checked out, and I'm well on my way to being able to touch my toes! I feel lighter, smile brighter, and yes, I'm beginning to feel like a fighter.:)

More importantly, for the first time in five years, I have hope. I no longer feel like I'll forever be fat and I should just throw in the towel and give up on myself. I look forward to my workouts, I look forward to cooking healthy for my family, and I look forward to the changes that are finally happening.

I guess old habits don't die hard though... I told my trainer that I just want one day where I EAT! You would think that I want to reward myself with a new outfit, a massage, or something of that nature... but all this girl can think about is some grub! Justin assured me that everyone deserves a cheat day (not that I've been perfect)... so we have a deal that when I weigh-in at 159, I can eat to my heart's desire for one meal. I'm not even that worried about gaining weight from that meal though... because if I see 15 as the first two digits of my weight, I'll be doing the happy dance so long that I'm sure it will compensate for the cheat meal's calories.:)

Here's to another week... I hope to stay on track, and if all goes well, next Wednesday night my butt will be planted at Don Pablo's... Bring on the chips, queso, enchiladas, and sopapillas! I can taste them now... and NO- I'm not sharing!

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