Monday, February 22, 2010


Welcome to my normal...

I have a thing with buying and selling homes- I must confess, I love it. I love finding a house, and making it a home. Maybe that's why we have bought and sold three homes in the past five years. We just signed paperwork to sell our house yet again, and I really do think we are crazy. This kind of came as a surprise to many. Basically, we're gambling with the housing market... so I hope it doesn't come back to bite us in the arse! March 18th. Oh yeah, did I mention that we close March 18th- one day before the Fitbloggin' conference. Let me break it down for you... We don't know where we are going to live. We have plans of building our dream home- but we don't know where. And in the next three weeks I have to pack our house, coordinate a move, and keep two kids happy and entertained. This would make some people have a drink... but it makes me want a double whopper with cheese please.

I have always turned to food in times of stress. I'll never forget in high school when I realized that the Exxon credit card my parents gave me could work to pay for more than gas. I'm surprised they didn't catch on earlier that I got gas three times a week. I'd press pay inside and load up on a Big Grab bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and a Ho-Ho. This week, I have to remember that everything's gonna be alright, and eating horribly will not help. Although, to this day, I swear that it helped being called the bearded zit not feel like the end of the world.:)

Since food is not going to be my crutch this week, I guess laughter is the best medicine. On Saturday, I was driving home from class and I called home to check on the kids. My hubby asked how my class was and I said, "It was hard, but it was fun." He's still amazed that I like getting my butt kicked, so he said, "I never thought I'd hear you say that." I laughed all the way home... Doesn't my hubby know, that it's a lot more fun when it's hard?!? HA!

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