Thursday, March 4, 2010

Give and Take

Please allow me to introduce to you... my husband. Otherwise known as Brendan, B-baby, Brendonian, Olaf...

I stalked him my freshman year at college and after putting a secret admirer note under his door that read something like this:

Hey #31~

I've seen you around campus, and I think we should get together.


we've been together ever since. He should have known to run then- his number was 30. Hey- I was only off by one.:)

Brendan is a big guy. He's 6'5", was an NCAA college athlete, and is as strong as an ox. I’m not kidding. True story- we were at the lake one weekend and he was arm wrestling his brother. It was all fun and games until we heard the loudest pop I've ever heard in my life. I really can't tell you what was worse- the sound of my hubby breaking his brother's arm completely in half, or the fact that my brother-in-law was in between jobs and lacking health insurance!

Competitiveness runs through our veins. Brendan and I can't stand to lose to one another... and eventhough I'm a girl; he never has mercy on me. I still have a miniature golf scorecard framed from when I was victorious over ten years ago. My goal in life is to dunk him in water, and it has yet to happen. Recently, I beat him playing tennis on the Wii and no joke, I woke up one night at 2am to find him downstairs in the basement practicing tennis.

This past weekend, I finally got B to join me in an LA Boxing class. We'll just call it couples' therapy. Adam taught a wonderful class... and by wonderful, I mean he had my hubby doing girlie push-ups in the first ten minutes of class. I'm not going to lie- I LOVED it. Brendan is famous for getting on athletes for standing with their hands on their hips. He claims it's a sign of fatigue to scouts. Not only were his hands on his hips, but he was bent over gasping for air. Loved it even more.:) For every ten punches I threw, Brendan was lucky to throw one. For once, I beat him at something... and I have a feeling he will never step foot back in the gym for a rematch. It's official- I won by a knockout.

Brendan and I were young and dumb when we got married and over the years, we've learned that marriage is about give and take. Thanks honey for joining me in class even when you didn't want to, and thanks for fessing up that I was better than you at something even if it was your first time. I know you were tired, but you hung in there to finish the class. Now, I feel like you really appreciate what I do... and maybe tonight I won't be too tired in return.:)

P.S... Today, I realized I can turn my wedding ring on my finger. It's no longer stuck.:) Progress ladies, progress.

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