Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I remember my mom always getting on me about eating french fries dipped in mayonnaise. She would say, "Shelley, one day that is going to catch up with you!" And of course I'd roll my eyes and ignore what she had to say. Years ago, if someone would have told me that I would have a weight problem, I'd laugh in their face. I mean, there was no way I was going to gain weight. After high school volleyball games, I would not only order a supersized extra value meal, but I'd add a hot apple pie and a side of chicken nuggets. It never caught up with me... until college.

Sometimes when I'm in class, I look at the tiny, younger girls and think, "Enjoy it now, honey." I know that's evil, but it's so true. My biggest regret is that I didn't take more pictures when I was young. I would give anything to look the way I did back then... and to think I thought I was heavy back then!

I've decided that when reader participation allows... or when I beg people to take part, I'm going to start including success stories of local women on this blog. One of the biggest issues I have had over the past decade is thinking, "It can't be done." I get in a rut and think that I will never look like my glory days, so why try.

I'm a sucker for magazines. My hubby would always say, "Now honey, we could cut back on the grocery bill if you'd stop buying all these magazines." Well, maybe it was more like a lecture, and he didn't call me honey... I tend to sugarcoat some things.:) Every time I was in line at the store, I'd grab Women's World, Oxygen, Shape, Self, Weight Watchers.... you name it. If it had a catchy title about how to lose weight, it went into my cart. So here goes my version of an inspiring success story.:)

Meet my college roommate, Katie. This girl is so sweet... She had to be to put up with me in college. I could say Hail Mary's for the rest of my life (and I'm not even Catholic) and still not be done repenting for some of the things I did during my Freshman year! I can officially tell you that you can get straight A's (with two B's) for the final three years of college... and still not graduate with honors if you declare every day that ends in Y College Skip Day your Freshman year. It's all good- No regrets.

Back to Katie... She could party with the best of them without ever having a drink, got perfect grades, and was stick thin. She never gained the dreaded Freshman 15, so when we decided to get together for a playdate last year; I didn't believe her when she was telling me she battled her weight. Not Katie.

Well, for the record... she wasn't lying. Not that she ever would... eventhough she did end up marrying the guy that was supposedly "just a friend." Katie- I hate to break it to ya- but the whole third floor of West AJ saw the sparks before you ever did... or you were just good at denying it.:)

That was Katie 30 pounds ago. She started weighing in over 150 and is now under 125... Not too shabby! She took up running, working out on the precor or elliptical machine, taking strength training classes, and eating healthy overall. She tries to eat whole grains, fruits and nuts for snack, and has an occasional bowl of Lucky Charms as a treat. She's pretty much moving more and eating less and proving that if you make a positive lifestyle change, you CAN become a babe again... Here's Katie now:

Try going to the pool with that hot mama when you are overweight!

Thanks Katie for letting me share your story. Thanks for always putting up with me and thanks for being a true friend. Please keep encouraging me on my weight loss... When you e-mailed me your before and after picture it officially saved $3 on the grocery bill. I'm happy because I have inspiration for the week, and Brendan is overjoyed. A penny saved is a penny earned.:)

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