Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Can we say Contest!?!

To many of you- or just about anyone, this is just a random, out of focus picture, of a child's birthday party. But to me, it says everything.

That's me in the background with the huge smile on my face. It was in the middle of my LA Boxing "transformation." It wasn't at my lowest weight, but it was when I had noticed results, my face had thinned out a little, and I was feeling good. Look at the smile on my face- that says it all. Now granted, it was a really creative child's birthday party, and my daughter was totally loving petting the rabbit, but it wasn't that exciting. I remember like it was yesterday how I felt when I first started seeing results. Look at me- I am happy, truly happy. I'm not sitting there thinking about how I'm going to scarf down a huge piece of birthday cake and then wallow the rest of the day. I'm just enjoying the moment and loving life.

And let me tell ya, I want that feeling again. I started working out again these past two weeks, and I'm well on my way to getting my smile back and hopefully the number on the scale back down...

And guess what? I want YOU to have that smile too! Many of you know how I am a total infomercial for LA Boxing. I'm challenging you guys to try one free class and then comment on one of my blogs about your experience. You will be entered in a contest for a FREE six month membership including all of the equipment (gloves, wraps, etc.) courtesy of LA Boxing in Ashburn! How cool is that? This contest is only open to my readers that are not current members- and is only good at the Ashburn franchise- so your odds are awesome!!! The contest ends Monday, June 28th. We will have a drawing at LA Boxing (time TBA) on Tuesday the 29th! So go ahead and try a class~ I can guarantee a kick butt workout... and if you're not in pain, I can guarantee a smile.:)

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  1. I took one of the free classes a while ago and it was the best workout I have ever had! They push you to keep going and when you look around you see that everyone is pushing to work harder so it motivates you too also! LA Boxing is an amazing workout and fun at the same time! :)