Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Truth Comes Out

She did it. My BFF called to inform me that she was giving in and joining facebook today. I think her words were that she finally had a "good enough" picture to post. Not to throw ya under the bus or anything Ash, but my girl has lost over fifteen pounds and is looking good. She's the girl that hasn't owned a pair of running shoes for over ten years, and she bit the bullet and decided to join a gym and get a trainer. And surprise, surprise, she's loving it.

Somewhere in our phone conversation, she also informed me that her sister and her friends were thoroughly appalled with the fact that I posted a picture of my boob on the internet. While on the subject of her sister, we started laughing because Amy is so distraught over gaining five pounds since she got married last fall. Knowing Amy, she's stressing about water weight that she could pee out tomorrow morning and be back to her original weight. I also realized that not all of my readers are frumpy moms that wanna-be cougars.

My first year of marriage I gained close to twenty pounds. I firmly believe that once you have a weight problem you will "battle" it the rest of your life. There are those lucky ones that win the weight battle and never look back, but then there are some of us that always struggle. I would kill to have my body the day I got married- and to think that I still wanted to lose ten pounds!

For those of you that are young and take the time to read this, my advice to you is to stop the weight gain before it even starts. Yeah, I know- easier said than done- especially when you don't have to wake up for kids the next morning and you want to kill a bottle of wine and bowl of queso. Or even easier when you are homesick and pizza and cake make ya feel better.

I get the fact that you are no longer fresh meat and you are off the market ladies, but don't let yourself fall to pieces. I did, and believe me, you will forever be putting them back together. This is me eating my wedding cake on my one year anniversary. My poor hubby- I had gained weight and chopped my hair. I tried to remedy the hair part by paying $1,000 on hair extensions. Yes, you read that right- $1,000 when that's about all we took home in a month. Too bad my hair lady Janelle that promised "strand by strand human hair" ran out of hair halfway through the process and I had to wear a hat for a week until my extra hair was delivered. And too bad my extensions fell out within a month. Oh, my poor hubby- he does put up with my shenanigans!...

When it comes down to it, if you keep track of your clothing size and weight, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize if you are packing on the pounds. Don't be psycho and go weighing yourself every day, but if you don't let those pounds creep on, you won't ever have a problem. Trust me- it sucks...and it's a lot easier to shed two pounds as opposed to twenty.

I love my friends to death- but we were always so worried about hurting one another's feelings that we never said anything to each other about our weight. Now that Ashley and I are battling it together- the truth comes out. You know, like, "Yeah I was looking at you on that trip in Florida and out loud I said, Oh my gosh, I LOVE that shirt, it looks sooooo good on you!" And all along, I was thinking in my head, "That shirt is super cute, eventhough it's four sizes larger than the last time I saw you."

We have vowed to be honest with one another about our weight, wrinkles, and yes, even decisions to post pictures on the internet. But Amy, if you ask me, you're lucky- my nursing picture was much better than the picture your sister took of me in my parent's field. My hubby got a kick out of it, but so did Ashley's hubby when it accidentally got copied to Ashley's photo c.d. from her visit up here. Let's just say that her husband called me and said, "Hey Cowgirl." Ha! Let me tell ya, that picture won't be found on facebook...

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  1. i promise that right now i'm laughing at your post, not at you!

    I can't think of anything to say in this comment because I have tears of laughter rolling down my face thanks to this line:

    "I was thinking in my head, "That shirt is super cute, even though it's four sizes larger than the last time I saw you."