Friday, June 4, 2010

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Tonight, we celebrated our ten year anniversary. I actually got a shower and my hubby took me out to dinner. Not just any dinner- a fancy schmancy dinner with reservations and all. To say I was impressed is an understatement. I did my best to get all dolled up eventhough my roots are showing like crazy, and we headed out to Tuskies.

You have to know my husband to understand how exciting this dinner was. I usually have to twist his arm to eat out. He's on the road a lot and eating out isn't such a novelty to him. Add that to the fact that he doesn't see the point in spending extra money- Ummm, hello- I have to twist his arm to splurge on California Tortilla on a Wednesday night when kids eat free- and you'd understand why I was sooo looking forward to this night out!

I about dropped dead when he looked at me and ever so sweetly said, "Order anything you want." O.k... What happened to my husband? I ordered an appetizer, salad, entree, and a dessert! And boy, did I eat! It was so enjoyable. I didn't have to cut up any little one's food, entertain them with sugar packets, or take a kid to the potty right when I started my meal. It was heaven. And best of all, I felt like I deserved it since I've been staying on track. Everyone deserves a splurge once and a while, right?

The bill came, and I was expecting my hubby to make a foul face when he saw the total. It was then that he happily pulled out a gift card. WTH! He had me going the entire night. I forgot that we had a gift certificate from our realtors from when we sold the house. I should have known!

***Dad, this is where you stop reading!!!:)

So, the kids are at my 'rents house for the night and we're about to cap off our anniversary. I think it's my turn to get him back. It's been a great week full of activity and workouts. Can't you tell by how positive I am? Funny correlation- working out and eating right equals a happy me... Why do I stray? I tried out the spin bikes at my new gym today in a cycling class- and my vagizzle is still completely numb from the skinny seat. Have fun, honey! Ha!

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