Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ten years and Twenty Pounds

Mom and Dad,

I know you're gonna think I'm crazy, but for Christmas I'd like to ask Shelley to marry me. I know mom is going to say you're too young or you don't have a job yet. But hopefully, I'll have a job come December 28. If that doesn't work out I can apply as a pilot for the Marines or Navy. I know I can also always get in as an engineer. We wouldn't get married until after she graduated which would be another 12to 14 months. Please don't go crazy, because I think the time is right and I do love her. I would like to go to her house Christmas morning to do it, so I would have to ask her parents. Also, I need your help picking out a ring. I have plenty of money saved.

Please understand.


P.S. Mom was younger and dad wasn't much older than us.

I love it. My mother-in-law gave me a copy of this e-mail in our ten year anniversary card. Ten years... Yes, Happy Anniversary Baby- We made it! It's crazy to think that ten years ago I married my husband. Sooooo much has changed and he has loved me through it all. He's loved me in every shape and size and I've never once had to say to him, "Please understand." Wait, I take that back... I've never once had to say, "Please understand" when it comes to my weight.:)

Thanks honey for loving me for me no matter what size I wear, what I look like, or how old I get. Now, I just have one question... We sure didn't get engaged on Christmas... It was months after that, so what happened?


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