Friday, May 21, 2010

Cheese Please

This whole blogging thing is so new to me. Do you realize that there are people that literally make a living out of it? Like for real- have six digit salaries and get free trips to Disney World. Well, this mama is officially bringing home the bacon... or should I say cheese? Ha!

Although I feel like I won the lottery with my LA Boxing gig- the experience has truly been priceless, I have yet to make a cent off this blog. But, when Weight Watchers contacted me to review their new line of cheeses, you would have thought I got a check for a hundred dollars. In the blogosphere, people do reviews on products, places, things- you name it... and I have been asked to give my honest, unbiased opinion on cheese. I am a first-timer, so bare with me.:)

Cheese is like toilet paper in this house- We can't live without it. We say cheese, we cut the cheese, and man, do we eat the cheese. To me, cheese it the perfect snack- it's not that bad for you in moderation, and there's nothing easier than throwing a string cheese at your children- It doesn't involve cutting, cleaning, or preparing a snack bag. It's the best.

Weight Watchers sent me two vouchers for cheese products. I was all gung-ho- taking this way too seriously and was quite proud of these coupons. It was a big deal to me. The pictures on the voucher showed that I would be able to choose from string cheese, pepper jack cheese, shredded cheeses, etc., but when I got to Harris Teeter, to my dismay they didn't carry any WW cheese products at all. Bummer.

The next day, I headed to Giant, and they did carry a few products. They were completely sold out of the string cheeses- so I take that as a good sign. My heart was set on a cold slice of pepper jack cheese, but they didn't carry that at all. I was able to find two products:

First up, I tried the Weight Watchers whipped cream cheese. It was DELISH. I mean really, really good. It had a sweet taste and being that it was only one point, I was felt like I didn't have to cheat myself and really globbed it on.

Too bad I used it on a humongo pumpernickel bagel- I think that defeated the purpose of calorie counting. Needless to say, I'm sold on this stuff- but next time I'll have it on my everything bagel thin that's only 100 calories.

I was also able to find the Weight Watchers American Reduced Fat Singles. I promptly made some grilled cheeses.

I'll never tire of a grilled cheese or a good PBJ. And as my good friend Karen say- it's easy to make a perfect grilled cheese if the pan is nice and hot before you start. She's right on the money with that tip. And Weight Watchers is right on the money with this cheese. It has a strong smell of American cheese, it's not plasticy like many low-fat cheese products, and it melts so well you don't have to throw on a second slice- that would cancel out your caloric savings by using this cheese.

Sooooo... my overall verdict? It was super fun reviewing an item, and I apologize now if it bores you. At least I can tell my hubby I'm contributing to the household finances (even if it is about $6) when I'm not going to bed with him. Bring on the review opportunities- I do have a faithful following of about 10 readers.:) And, total thumbs up to these products- IF you can find them in your area stores. I’m dying to try the pepper jack cheese. Take note Harris Teeter and add these to your store. Unlike my diet, I don't like cheating on you.:)

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