Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Poetic Justice

After way too long of a hiatus, I made my triumphant return to LA Boxing. I woke up and skipped breakfast (which I am well aware is bad for you, but I was trying to save on the calories). I was in early for Mark's 9am boxing class. In the first ten minutes, he announced that the class was going to be more of a "teaching" class, and I immediatly was cursing him in my head because I automatically equated "teaching class" with "learning boxing moves and NOT burning calories with the cardio component." Boy, was I wrong!

By the end of class, Mark was calling me out. I guess I couldn't hide my facial expressions because he told me to quit making faces on the first set of squat thrusts. Have I mentioned I HATE squat thrusts? And then, on the next set, he politely came over and told me I could quit on #7 because I was turning green. I took him up on it and was then mad that I hadn't engulfed a bagel before class because I'm pretty sure I would have puked it up... and not had to worry about the calories.:)

I love a class that you walk away with a lesson from. Mark busted out with one of his poetic life lessons- that get me every time. He said it comes down to Human Nature. When you go to the gym on your own, you work on things that you want to work on. I got to thinking- When I went to the regular gym, I'd always start with cardio because I enjoyed reading my magazine, but when it came time to do abs at the end, I suddenly felt that my kids were missing their mommy (eventhough when I went to pick them up at the daycare they wanted to stay longer) and copped out on abs- the exercise I probably need the most. It was my way of justifying skipping the part that my heart was not into.

At LA Boxing, you have to work on everything, not just what you want to work on. No matter how you get your workout in, it's a great point- We must train both our strengths and our weaknesses whether we like it or not. Well said, Mark. Good stuff, good stuff.

Mark- Thanks for training both my strengths and my weaknesses today- It felt great to be back. I never thought I'd say it, but I missed ya.

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