Friday, July 30, 2010

Calling All Locals...

So, I have yet another wack idea. I need support, and I've coughed up more than my fair share of money at weight loss meetings and have decided... What if we form a "Knockout Mama" weight loss support group?

Justin Kavanaugh, my personal trainer, is on board and I have a location to hold this thing at... now I just need other ladies (and men if ya want- but NO, this is NOT a meat market) that want to join in...

We're envisioning a twelve week (or so) FREE support group including a group workout "Justin style", guest speakers, and confession time. And I'm thinking if you know me, we might have to have a refreshment or two, so maybe a Smoothie of the Week.:) Oh, and you do have to agree to weigh-in to see how we all do. Don't worry though- We're not throwing ya on a huge scale Biggest Loser style for all the world to see.

If you are interested... Please e-mail me your name and contact information so I know if this idea has potential- the sooner the better. Any sponsors are welcome to e-mail me as well... Ya know, Dream Big.:)

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