Friday, July 30, 2010

Ramblings of a Desparate Housewife...

I'm on Team Kate. I hate to admit it, but I love Kate Gosselin. Sure, she's a bitch, super controlling, self-centered, stern, and possesses tons of other negative qualities- but I happen to like her. Before she shot to superstardom, she was a mom that I could relate to oh so well. She battled weight issues, couldn't find the time to shower, and was backed up on laundry. She was real.

An all-new season of The Real Housewives is about to start up and it just happens to take place within a stone's throw of where I live- in Washington D.C.... When I read the bio's of these ladies, I was impressed. You know, they hob nob with the wealthy, help mayors campaign, and attend balls and galas. I don't disagree- it makes for great entertainment and more than likely, I'll tune in, but I can't say that I can relate to these hooches.

Every one of these women look gorgeous. They all could be daytime soap actresses in a hot second and I'm sure their looks didn't hinder their casting auditions. I'm sure you don't catch them driving through a McDonald's or grabbing an Oreo Cakester in the Wal-Mart line. It made me think- maybe I should take bits and pieces of their lifestyle and infuse it with mine- HA! This week I'm aiming for either a salad or protein shake for lunch- no if's, ands, or but’s about it. I'm getting back on track.

I'll start tomorrow by going back to the basics and weighing in. I'm dreading it. But in the meantime, these casting execs really should think about making a REAL- and I do mean REAL Housewives of Loudoun County show... Like where they document a single mom going through a divorce without the means to provide. Like where they focus on a family facing foreclosure. Like where they catch drama at a Bunco table or where they film a crazy mom fighting for the parking spot by the grocery cart return at Wegman's to make it easy to unload her kids. Or even when they film a mom going to Weight Watchers or fighting with her hubby over getting flowers for her front porch for the third time since she killed the others. Oh wait, that's me... I like watching a mom battling with a mouthy kid or cheering for her child's first poop... The "Push It Out, Push It Out, Waaaayyyyyyy Out" can be quite the classic song. Sounds boring and I know it's not all glitz and glam, but I'd watch it. It'd make me feel better to know there are others in my shoes.

Bash Kate all ya want... but she gives me hope. Reverse mullet 'do and all, she showed me that you can come back from looking like an all out housewife and get your groove back. So, she had the help of a tummy tuck and some syringes, but she did it. And it is possible.:)

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