Monday, August 2, 2010

BE the Change

My mind never stops. I'm a list girl- and my lists never seem to end. I have notebooks for house projects, children's clothing, honey-do lists, and things to do/vacations to take...

After a month and a half of craziness in our lives, we ended our hiatus from church and returned to a Sunday service... and it was just what the doctor had ordered. But just as normal, during the service, my mind was racing. I remember leaning over and asking my hubby things like, "Did you remember to take off for the first day of school?" To which he replied Yes, but for another reason- to recover from the Virginia Tech season football opener. Nice. I kept reading through the bulletin and was so excited to see that they need donations of children's books for a D.C. school. Score! Now there's an opportunity for us- it won't cost money, my kids can help pick books out for kids that don't have any, and I get to organize our small library of children's books. Talk about a win-win situation. I then saw that they still need nursery help and I haven't volunteered this summer- so add that to my to-do list. And before you knew it, I heard the service leader end The Word Read. She had finished reading the Sunday scripture/lesson and I had missed every word of it. I had completely checked out... I mean what was the point of putting on my Sunday's best and hurrying my kids out the door?

I had an epiphany. I'm constantly thinking about what's next in life, about what I have to do and where I have to go, and I don't just do it. Sometimes, the answer and things are staring at me right in the face. I spend hours searching for activities for the kids and I to do and all the while my daughter is dangling a Barbie in front of my face. Helloooo- put that Barbie house to good use. I spend tons of money buying every issue of Oxygen, Shape, and yes, Women's World searching for the newest diet craze, when I know the answer- Go to LA Boxing and eat right.

I beat myself up a little bit and thought how I'm an awful person for not paying attention in church and then made myself pay strict attention for the next thirty minutes. And I'm so glad I did. Without getting to churchy, churchy on ya, the pastor spoke about how one of the hardest parts about preaching is that he has to listen to his sermon. If he preaches about forgiveness, he has to forgive. If he preaches about love, he has to love. And that's when it hit home. I write about trying to lose weight and I haven't had a post about successful weight loss in a good two months. I'd say it's time to practice what I preach!

The minister also spoke eloquently about the story of Jonah and the shortest sermon in the world inspiring change. And then he threw in a few hallmark touches that I love... Look in the mirror. Do you truly like what you see? Be the change you wish to see in the world. Today is a good day to start.

Love it. LA Boxing class- check? Today, finally ponying up the fee and registering for a 5k? Check. Weighing in and tracking my weight? Check. Feeling inspired? Check. Thanks Pastor Chris.

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