Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oh Baby Love...

"Have your pants off when I get home, Baby. We've got work to do."

Those were my first words to my hubby when I left my brother's house last night. Ya see, in my family things always come in pairs. My son and nephew are less than a year apart. My daughter and other nephew are eleven days apart. And last night, my brother and sister-in-law informed us that they are expecting.

NOTE TO SELF: Do not get pregnant. Do not get pregnant. Do not get pregnant.

I suddenly have the baby bug. I know we want another baby- and I'm not getting any younger. I know that I'm going to get a taste of freedom this fall with two mornings a week to myself and then have to go all the way back to the baby phase... But when that happens, I will welcome it with open arms.

But for now, I'm being selfish. I want to get my body back. It's sad that I'm trying to lose weight to gain it all back. But so be it.

I think my mom and I have it pegged. My brother took his wife out to the movies a month ago and they had changed clothes when they picked the boys up. My sister-in-law's excuse was that her feet hurt. If ya ask me, you change your shoes then, not your outfit. It was fishy then, but even more so now... I'm sure the back of her hair was matted down if my mom had checked.

For now, Todd and Sarah, CONGRATS!!! I can't wait to be the best Aunt Smelly ever... again.:) And Sarah, May you have an easy pregnancy. May there be no morning sickness, no crazy weight gain, or awful swelling.

But if I reach 149 on the scale, Brendan, you better lock yourself away, because it's on like Donkey Kong. And Sarah, I take all of that niceness back. May we grow fat and happy together. LOVE YOU!

P.S... I think my brother looks super cute with a girl... except for that damn UVA shirt.:)


  1. This is HILARIOUS to me, because I am feeling the exact same way. My hubby and I are discussing him getting a reversal so we can have one more, and I am going to get down & dirty with this weight-loss thing in the meantime. ;p

  2. Congratulations Todd and Sarah; but please do lose that shirt !!
    Go Hokies :)

  3. Congrats on the new addition to the family... when are they due? I had to give up on the weight loss for now, I am due Feb 3.