Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Gig

I am sooooo not a salesperson. In my dream world, I'd be a realtor. I know every street in Loudoun County and could spend every hour of every day going through homes- but I'm just not the go-getter type. Or maybe it's that my hubby always reminds me of my infamous open house story... When my husband took on a new job, I was convinced I could sell our home in Richmond. I cleaned the house, got balloons, and set out my Open House signs. All morning long, I was waiting for visitors... and no one came. My hubby ran an errand and realized that I had used crayola washable markers and it had rained. Oops. Blank open house signs always do the trick, right? But needless to say, I had one visitor that day... and the house was sold by yours truly.

I've tried many times to sell. I once ran a newspaper ad for my Mazda Miata. This lady came over to see it and I had it priced at $5500. I started off oh so strong and said right away... I'll give it to you for $5,000 if you want it. She hadn't even tried to talk me down. After I said $5,000, she looked at me and said, "Why don't we do $5200." My dad was so mad at me. He called it the dumb and dumber sale because I was lowering my price and the lady upped it. HA!

Oh, that's not all of my sales experiences. Ten years ago, I tried to be a rep for a jewelry company. Let's just say I have one heck of a cheap jewelry collection and not a penny to show for it!

So, you can tell I'm quite the entrepreneur. I've decided to follow my calling and become a Willow House (formerly known as Southern Living at Home) consultant. I will join the ranks of thousands of other stay-at-home moms that are annoying and bug people to host parties. Hopefully I can bring home some extra spending money, make some friendships, and earn free products along the way. And if not, I got a wonderful deal on the starter kit!

Now, why am I blogging about this on my weight loss blog? Well, it's my attempt to "put my business out there" and I promise I won't mention it again. So, please friends and family don't screen my calls because I promise not to bring up Willow House. I can tell this is going to make me millions already.

Oh... and I think this might be the key to my weight loss. I hate getting in front of people and I have my first party tonight. I really think I've lost ten pounds... but for the first time I hope this weight loss stops- having the nervous runs is not cool.;) Wish me luck.:)

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