Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A day in the life...

A day in my life... bullet style:

-I woke up with a queasy feeling in my stomach. I had such high hopes about Willow House... you know- trips to the Caribbean, monthly gas bonuses, and extra spending money... but I tanked. It was a fabulous party and I had a ton of fun- but once again- sales are not my calling. I think I gave away items at more than my discounted price at least three times. Oops. That was a quick run... early retirement it is.:)

-My mother-in-law has had the kids for two days while I prepared for my huge launch, and I missed them like crazy. I started the morning off by asking the hubby if I should consider homeschooling... to which he replied, "Have you lost your mind? You complain about not getting "me" time and you think you want to homeschool?" That was a fleeting thought.

-Running late as usual, I hopped in the car to drive to Charlottesville to meet my mother-in-law. I picked up some huge hoop earrings from Forever XXI at the mall. I go for high dollar items, I tell ya. I think they take five years off of me and make me look like I got a quick shower appearing more "done up." But then there are parts of me that think I look like a middle-aged J. Lo wanna-be. The verdict is still out.

-In Charlottesville, we enjoyed a lunch at Chick Filet. I treated the m-i-l to lunch. She asked for a spicy chicken sandwich and of course I added the large waffle fry and pop to make it a meal deal. And guess what... The lean and clean eating m-i-l downed the whole thing. And afterwards, she said she was stress eating from having the kids for two days. It made my day... Welcome to my life.:)

-On the car ride home, I couldn't stop looking in my rear view mirror thanking God for my children. I was so glad to have them with me... until they wouldn't stop fighting over my son's personal video game system. I prefer calling it that instead of a Gameboy. As in a black and white Nintendo Gameboy with stick figures that he stores in a teal hip pack. I'm not exaggerating... and his favorite game is Ducktales. Just like his Daddy. He did have a Nintendo DS... until he fell in the pool with it at swim team last year. And no, the dry rice trick didn't work.:(

-We made it home in time for baseball practice. I was chatting it up with a sweet mom and we started talking about Kindergarten. She had three older children and seemed experienced so I asked her about orientation. Bless her heart she filled me in on everything and then let me know that by the end of the year my son will be able to be dictated a sentence to- like "The pink pig runs fast," and he will be able to write it with punctuation and all. I guess I'm emotional right now about school- because that very sentence made me burst into tears... causing the mom to probably think I'm nutso.

-We came home and showered... and when I took my undies off, my daugther thought that the indentation in my skin was hilarious. It was quite bumpy from my panties being tight:(... and I proceeded to let her run her fingers across my belly for two straight minutes. Yes, I said belly because I won't front- I prefer granny panties. She loved it.

-The night couldn't end quietly. It would have been an easy night since the kids skipped naps and would have been down for the count... but my daughter was looking forward to her first slumber party. We invited two friends over for the night. My son wanted to sleep in the room, but I convinced him to sleep with me. We call these two friends our "cousins". They really aren't- but they kind of are- They are my cousins' cousins’ children. But in all reality, my children think they have a ton more cousins than they really do. I often use the word cousin instead of friend- especially with children of my close friends. I thought it was a great tactic so that when we're all hanging out and the kids are teenagers there will be no making out in the basement since they are "cousins." Pure brilliance.

-Now come to think about it... maybe I'm setting up my children for future therapy. What if they kiss their "cousin" and then feel guilty about being kissing "cousins"?

-Regardless of how this post sounds, I love my life… and my children with all of my heart.:)

-If you've made it this far, I promise to quit beating around the bush about my weight. I'm back on it tomorrow. And we're talking accountability folks.:)


  1. And the m-i-l has a little secret !!
    I picked up a LARGE vanilla Chic Filet milkshake (after devouring that yummy spicy chicken sandwich) to help me drive my 2hrs home alone!!!
    And you thought I ran back in there just to dispose of a dirty diaper :)
    Today though, I am back to my liver cleansing diet :) at least I have every intention.....

  2. Aren't you from N. VA? Why did you buy a "pop"? :D
    ~Cindy (who is from the midwest, and can't give up calling it pop:)