Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ain't too proud to beg, 4 all:)

Baby needs some shoes. NOT... But, mama most definitely needs some new duds. There's nothing like putting yourself out there and "applying for a job" in public... But since I'm not one to hold back or let an awesome opportunity pass me by- here goes...:)

4all- a tennis, golf and fitness apparel company that specializes in creating high quality performance attire designed by women athletes for women athletes is currently holding tryouts for 10 spots on the Team 4all roster. As a member of Team 4all, you’ll receive the latest 4all news and products, as well as have access to exclusive 4all opportunities. Hello... Pick me! Pick me!

If you need a few good reasons why, let me give it my best shot:

Meet me:

I'm a thirty-something stay at home mommy blogger. I would love my readers to believe that I spend my days all dolled up, but in reality, I more often than not look like this. Well, maybe not that bad, but you get the drift. Yes, Clinton and Stacey should be knocking on my door to rescue me. Or 4all.:) I know, the mommy hair knot needs to go, and so does the shirt with crusty food in the top corner. It's not cute.

Paying It Forward:

Move over Fireproof and Love Dare. Although both improved my marriage, an opportunity like this could quite possibly be better than marriage counseling. These are the three most important people in my life. The only thing the hubz and I "have discussions" about is money. Free workout clothing would free him up some moo-lah, making both my hubby's and my day... and we all know that the saying is true, "Happy wife, Happy life.":) Plus, since I've never made a cent from blogging, freebies make it easier to justify nights sitting in front of my computer.:)


If you need it, here's proof that the workout clothing and gear you wear really does matter. I'm sparing you the pictures of my chafed inner thighs and armpit that has been rubbed raw by my brother's extra-large hand me down t-shirt. I'd love to say this is a scar from a boob job, but it's not. It just goes to show ya that a cotton bra from Wally World isn't going to cut it when training for a half marathon. Bring on the 4all clothing.:)


I know a lot about it. Just kidding. In my defense we were playing "Fancy Nancy." And doesn't the cuteness of this get me brownie points? I would also like to point out that 4all stresses that athletic women come in all shapes and sizes. I also love the fact that they have the cutest clingy workout wear that would only look great if I lose the rolls- that's just another reason to shed some pounds!

Target Audience.

Not only does my personal blog have some of the best readers in the world, but it is also carried on which in my opinion is one of the best websites ever and targets your core audience. It doesn't get much better than the women of the Washington D.C. metro area... or the moms at my bus stop, preschool pick-up, grocery store...:)


Doesn't every girl ask for golf clubs for her high school graduation? I did. But if you look at them now, you can tell they haven't seen the light of day for years. Make that decades- way back when I spent my summers working on the greens. Ya never know what a cute outfit will make you do. I could very well see 18 holes in my near future. A little argyle goes a long way.:)

So, that's my spiel. That and the fact that 2011 is my year. I made it to this last March...

And while I'm the first to admit my body doesn't bare any resemblance to that picture at the moment, this is my year. I'm busting my butt training for my first half marathon, making working out a daily to-do, and trying to eat to live, not live to eat.

2011: New Year, New You will kick off January 1st, and some new faces will be joining the journey. If you are interested in being one of them, you too can throw yourself under the bus and blog with me- Please contact me at Look for announcements to come about a free weight loss group meeting the second week in January!!!

Until then, I'm unplugging the computer and checking out for a few days to spend a wonderful holiday with my family. Thank you so much for reading- Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! I'll be back next year!

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