Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A little of this, a little of that...

I'm here- alive and well.:) After my few depressing, down in the dumps posts,I received a few e-mails checking on my well-being. Too sweet. Looking back, I probably sounded a little psycho- almost like I had a little Britney moment and shaved my head or something. The truth is, I loved my long, flowing locks. But my long, flowing locks, were sure to break in half if they spent a month in the pool this summer, so I figured I might as well have them chopped at a nice salon since Daddy Warbucks only agrees to four visits to my stylist a year.

Speaking of Big Daddy, he's M.I.A. for the month. Work calls, and so I'm single parenting... and let me just say- Much love and mad props to those of you that do this regularly. Pat yourself on the back because you deserve it. I will say that I have a fresh outlook this month. Just when your hubby drives you crazy, when he is called away, you realize how much you miss his pile of laundry that he can't pick up and move two measley feet to the hamper. You miss his cup hidden in a random cabinet because he doesn't like reusing new ones all day. You miss his shoes constantly being left out... and you might even miss a dutch oven or two... or maybe just that warm body that provides instant security like nothing else in this entire world. And before you know it... you miss him. Everything about him. Well, not everything. I'm loving my Charmin and forgoing the one-ply Scotts that he loves this month.:)

Rereading this blog, I realize my weight loss issues are all about me, me, me. I fail to give my hubby credit. He has never complained about my weight gain. Not once. And let me just tell ya, I don't even resemble that girl that he took his vows with. So, what's my plan? It's to be hard core this month. I'm playing a little game and pretending he's in the military and I'm one of those wives that loses a gazillion pounds and looks like a new woman when her hubby returns. O.k., O.k., so I only have a few weeks, but you get my drift. If I keep up with it, I might even make another blog public- where I keep my weight, food, and exercise journal logged. But I might not even have the guts to do that. I can easily blog about my China... but you might really be offended if you see what I eat. We'll see. Maybe that's the accountability I desperately need.

A good friend wrote me this weekend after reading my blog and said:

"We all have body issues, mental issues, relationship issues. No one is perfect and even all those cute little ladies I see at the gym fight some sort of inner demon! I am just excited to get up everyday and try to do it all over again."

Love this... That little blurb was enough to make me realize just how lucky I am. Lucky to have the friends I have, my precious family, and to live such an easy life. Even if I am a little crazy.

Here's to another day.:)

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