Monday, January 27, 2014

A picture is worth 1,000 words...

Ugh. Blogging became a chore for a long time... but the fact is, blogging keeps me on track. Even if no one reads it, it helps me process my thoughts, I have things written in stone, and it holds me accountable. I know, I'm weird.

Sooooo, I'm starting to blog again. No- not any fancy, in depth deep thoughts or anything, but just my workout/food routine...

My sweet cousin posted some pictures from our family beach trip. The sad thing is I'm ten pounds heavier than this now. I'm officially a big girl. Look at my fingers on my wine glass- They are even fat. You can see my ledge hanging over my pants when I'm sitting. It sucks.

For some, weight doesn't bother them. But for me, that's just not the case. I took my daughter swimming last night and feeling so uncomfortable in a swimsuit was disturbing. I would look down and see my flab hanging out from my tankini and was more worried bout that than splashing with my precious baby... and this summer is NOT going to be like that. I'm three pounds less than being fifty pounds heavier than my wedding day. Yep- 5-0... and my hubby deserves better. Bless his heart, he's never said a word to me...

So here we go:


Weight Watchers Weigh-Ins on Thursdays
Count/Track Points
Have two Body by Vi Shakes a day
Drink Water
Cut out Soda
Work out ever day
Kick Ass

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